Monday, November 14, 2011

Great time of year

I love this time of year for a few reasons. Going up the canyon to see all the leaves change colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving and ok I'll say it Christmas. Plus, all the family time those bring.

This year for Halloween Aunt Chelsea made Camryn and Adelaide "Lawn Gnome" costumes. They turned out great! The girls however did not want to keep the hat or beards on. They at least let us put them on for a picture.
They looked so cute together!! I will post a picture of both of them soon. Camryn was so cute with her little bucket. Each house we went to she would get the candy and carefully place it in her bucket. After we got home she decided to dump it all out on the coffee table and sorted it. It was so cute! I hurried and snapped a picture before she put it all away.
We only had 6 kids come to trick-or-treat but it was still fun. My neighbor told me that because we live on a dark street that is connected to a busy street that they never get many kids, so I guess I wont feel guilty about not handing any out next year.

Our Akita pair just had their second liter. 7 puppies in all 3 males and 4 females. Just in time for Christmas!! Camryn LOVES them! She will just sit there and hold each one and then not want to go back in the house. Good thing it is not really cold yet. We came in from seeing them the other day and I was in the kitchen and then it got really quiet, I knew that Cam must be getting into something or being a stink. This is where I found her.

It was so funny! She tried to get out but then I asked if I could take her picture and she just smirked. LOL She has gotten to the point where she wont really smile for pictures but she wont move. I guess beggars cant be choosers.

With this new time change it has really been throwing me off. I left work the other day at 4:45 and the blasted sun was already going down!!! I HATE that about this time of year. BLAH that and snow. After I got home Cam and I decided to start a movie while dinner was in the oven. Mind you it was only 6:30, Cam must have been seriously tired because when I came in from checking dinner this is how I found her.

I cant blame her, its what I wanted to do but ended up eating alone and going to bed early. Such a great day! Last week I had Friday off so Braeden and I were able to spend some time together. Which is always awesome seeing as we work opposite shifts. After going down to Provo for a bit we decided to go to dinner with my sister Angie and her boyfriend Nic. We had a really good time. There seems to be enough time to catch up though. Good thing we only live ten minutes away now. Love you Ang and Nic!

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