Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our life...

I know that I am not the worlds greatest blogger. I knew that when I started this thing but I thought that I would be better then I have been. Anyway, its been months since my last blog and a lot has happened in our lives. We recently bought an old house in Lehi and have been in it for about a month. We took out the old carpet, put new paint on the walls and have been able to make it our home. We love it! It is so nice to be so close to work and to my mom's. We really miss being in Provo though, Grandma and Grandpa Woodger sure miss Camryn but we go down every Sunday for dinner. It is always nice to see the cousins that we used to see daily once a week. It has all been such an adjustment but so wonderful.
Update on Camryn:
She is seventeen months now, almost old enough for nursery! I am not sure how she will handle that but we will just have to see. She is very much an independent and defiant little girl. Does not want mom or dad to even attempt to help her and if we do she doesn't want to do it anymore. Its hard believe but she is even more picky about the food she eats then I am! Shocker there. :) Some of the things that we can get her to eat are milk, yogurt, grapes and least she like healthy foods, right?
She loves to go on bike rides, walks and to play with the dogs. She is so funny, anytime there is music she starts shaking her little bum and makes the funniest faces. She had Braeden and I rolling on the floor the other day it was so funny. She likes to have us pretend that we are asleep and then she will kiss us awake. Its so cute until we are really trying to go to sleep and she wants to play.

Here is a picture of her in the bike seat. Once she is in there she does not want to get out. No matter how long she has been in there. Its so funny. Her hair has gotten so long and she has been so good to let me do it.

Here is it when I did it in pig tail buns. She looks so grown up when it is all pulled back. She didn't want to turn around for the picture. Luckily, she was in front of our mirror in our closet. I can not believe how big she is! She really is so small for her age but she is growing up and its so different. I love being a mom more then anything! I am so grateful for her!

I look back and when she was first born and wonder where the last year and a half went!!

Update with Me:
I have been doing the normal for me. Going to work Monday through Friday 9 to 5 loving having my weekends free. Coming home to my precious yet hectic little one and Braeden has been wonderful. My best friend Carrie is visiting from Montana so we decided to chop my hair off. We ended up cutting 8 inches off and surprisingly enough my hair is still at my shoulders. We also added some more blonde highlights. I am really loving the new do. Just something fresh and fun and Braeden likes it too :) LOL he never cares what I do with my hair. Other then the new hair do nothing is really new with me. I am super excited for fall and the spirit that it brings.

Update on Braeden:
He has been so busy with work and with all his side jobs that we are lucky when we can see each other during the week. We do have our weekends and we love that. He has temporarily taken over the pack down crew at work so he is working into the night. This week they has a reset so he worked from 8 pm to 7 am. Normally he goes in at 6 and the comes home at 2 am. It has been hard to adjust to but we do what we have to. I am so grateful for him and the wonderful man and father that he is. Couldn't have asked for a better guy.

That really is all that we have been up to for the last few months. We lead such exciting lives I know :)

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  1. Loved this post! Loved the pic of Cam with her hair pulled up. She is the spitting image of YOU!! She looks so old and cute. It makes me sad that I hug and kiss on her when I want to, but it was fun skyping the other day. Love you!!