Thursday, June 9, 2011


It has been a really long time since I blogged last...there are so many things that have happen so I better get back on the blogging band wagon. Since Camryns birthday she has been walking all over the place, almost running at times. When she is doing something that she is not supposed to she will look at you and smile and test the limits. EVERY TIME!! That girl is such a handful but she is the greatest blessing ever. She has also been teething (for real this time!) she has one of her top teeth poking through the one next to it is also making its way down. She has been super sick with it though, she has had the normal teething sick, fever, runny nose a slight cough. She has had a fever for a couple days and Tuesday morning at 1:45 she woke up with a fever of 102.1 :( I was really worried. I gave her some Advil and seemed to help her begin to feeling better. We took her to the doctor that same day and discovered, an ear infection, rash, and possible thresh in her mouth :( Poor thing! i felt SO bad! The doctor ensured us that because of he teething her system was on overload causing the other problems. We got a some medication to give her twice a day for ten days. It is super awful! It is thick, white chalk looking stuff. She gags every time :( She seems to be doing so much better though :)
It is always so hard for me when she is not feeling well. I just wish that there was something else that I could do to help my little angel feel better. Does it ever get easier?
On a happier note, I have another niece and my first nephew! :) Connor was born May 9th and Siegen was born June 7th.  I am really happy that they are here! So are their mothers :) Connor is the spitting image of his daddy and we cant really tell with little ziggy yet. She is only 2 days old but she is just SO cute! Cant wait until they are home from the hospital and ready to play. Camryn now has 3 girl cousins and 1 boy cousin :) she is the leader of the pack of grand kids. She loves to kiss them and always trys to give them loves. She is going to be the best big sister :)
Our family is so excited for the nice weather that we have been having lately. I think that we are going to have a VERY warm summer. We are excited to use our pass of all passes this summer and to spend a lot of time at Seven Peaks. Camryn is a little water bug, we have to drain the tub every time before she will let us get her out. :)
Can't wait to spend our summer in the sun!

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